In January, we introduced the German version of our website

1 Feb 2016
Animal Ethics launches in German

In addition to English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, the Animal Ethics website has been translated in yet another language: German! This is great news, since it means that we can spread our message to an even wider audience. Concern for nonhuman animals is growing, and we need to continue to fuel the debate in order to initiate change. It’s estimated that German is spoken by more than a hundred million people today, so this will significantly extend our reach.

Speciesism is the most widespread form of discrimination today. Nonhuman animals around the world are suffering and dying. That is why we are working to challenge speciesism and all of its manifestations, from the use of nonhuman animals for food  to the lack of concern for animal suffering in the wild. We’re especially interested in reaching new audiences, and we will continue to spread our work to other languages as well.