Download and use Animal Ethics’s leaflets and factsheets

Download and use Animal Ethics’s leaflets and factsheets

21 May 2016
Download Animal Ethics leaflets

Animal Ethics distributes leaflets in different countries to raise awareness about speciesism. Our leaflets in other languages are available here. You can download our leaflets and factsheets in English with these links:


Short (2 pages): Have you ever heard of speciesism?
Long (8 pages): Creating a fairer world for everyone


FAQ: Why should we respect animals?
About speciesism: For a fairer world for animals
About wild animal suffering: Animals in the wild: Why they matter
About veganism: Taking a stand for animals

Feel free to download and distribute these materials! Get in touch with us if you need them at a higher resolution. If you would like to be part of our team of leafleters or just distribute some leaflets in your area, get in touch with us here and we’ll send you some. We can also help you in creating your own leaflets for your group.


Introduction to wild animal suffering

Please download, link and share this ebook freely.

leaflet-speciesismImproving our impact is very important to us

The purpose of these materials is to change attitudes towards animals. Results of leafleting studies suggest that leafleting may be one of the highest impact ways to change attitudes.

We designed our leaflets based on research about which elements in a leaflet are most effective. Our leaflets aim to invite people to think about and reconsider the attitudes we currently have towards nonhuman animals.

Short leaflets are meant to make people who don’t have much time to read familiar with the idea of speciesism. They explain in a nutshell why there are so many people now who oppose giving moral consideration to animals. Our experience so far is that most people are open to this, even if they are reluctant to put that into practice. The main aim of the leaflets, though, is to raise people’s interest so they will continue to inform themselves in the future about speciesism, veganism, and helping animals in need.

leaflet-consequences-speciesismLong leaflets encourage people to make a change regarding their attitudes and feelings about the way we behave toward nonhuman animals. They focus on people who are more inclined to read about this topic.

In our leaflets we have tried to show the effects of speciesism and the ways we can work against it. We did this by presenting real examples of animals who were exploited by humans or suffering in nature and were rescued by caring people who opposed speciesism. We have also tried to show why so many people now think that, like us, that animals of other species matter too. The leaflets also encourage readers to consider and learn more about veganism in a friendly way.

Finally, our factsheets aim at providing information for those people who already have an interest in the defense of animals and would like to learn more about it. Shorter ones give readers information similar to the kind they can find in our leaflets but in another format, aimed at a different public. Longer ones aim at providing more information and answering questions that may arise when first approaching this issue.

factsheet-wild-animalsAs with the leaflets, our factsheets invite people to get involved and to read more about why sentient animals matter. For those who want more information, our website includes around a hundred articles and posts covering a range of topics about animals and ethics, animal sentience, and the consequences of speciesism.

We hope that with this work we will contribute to changing the way people now think and act toward animals. Do get in touch with us if you want to be part of this too!