A new article about how fireworks harm nonhuman animals of all sizes

1 Jul 2019

Fireworks can harm nonhuman animals in many ways, affecting far more animals than just those who live with humans. The noise, lights, sparks, flames, and fumes can cause psychological and physical harm. Dogs can suffer post-traumatic stress, and severe stress responses have also been observed in cats, birds, and other animals living in urban areas. Animals who are near the fireworks or firecrackers when they go off can also suffer hearing loss, blindness, respiratory diseases, or poisoning if they ingest the residue. Read more

Animal Ethics is hiring a welfare biology research and outreach coordinator

19 Jun 2019
A Ética Animal está contratando um coordenador de pesquisa e divulgação em biologia do bem-estar

Animal Ethics is hiring a welfare biology research and outreach coordinator. This is a remote position. The deadline for applications is July 31. Read more

Call for grant applications: Research in the intersection of ecology and wild animal welfare science at master’s level

27 May 2019

Animal Ethics is calling for applications for grants to carry out master’s theses in wild animal welfare and welfare biology. Read more

Call for grant applications: Postdoc research in the intersection of ecology and wild animal welfare science

21 May 2019

We are looking for a PhD graduate who wants to do innovative work in the intersection of ecology and wild animal welfare. Read more

Summer 2019 Animal Ethics internships

27 Apr 2019

Animal Ethics is accepting applications for internships to support our work in favor of helping animals in the wild and defending animals exploited by humans. The application deadline is June 15th. Read more

Animal Charity Evaluators’ Effective Animal Advocacy Fund will support Animal Ethics’s wild animal suffering work

21 Apr 2019

Animal Ethics is happy to announce we’re a grant recipient of Animal Charity Evaluators’ Effective Animal Advocacy Fund. Read more

Animal Ethics is funding a novel research project examining causes of harm and mortality to wild animals in Greece

12 Apr 2019
grey hedgehog facing left

Animal Ethics is supporting research on projects that will help us better understand wild animal suffering and make it more tractable. Read more

Promoting Welfare Biology as the Study of Wild Animal Suffering – video and transcript

12 Mar 2019

This EA Global talk explains what wild animal suffering is and what is being done to address it. The talk discusses the creation of a new field of research, welfare biology. Read more

Welfare biology research: Sexual competition

27 Feb 2019

This a project draft about sexual competition that shows the kind of research that could be developed in welfare biology regarding the life history of animals. It can be used and adapted freely by anyone. Read more

Animal Ethics’s 2019 strategic plan

30 Jan 2019

The capacity of Animal Ethics has increased very significantly in the last year and a half, and we can now pursue more and larger projects. You can download our 2019 strategic plan here. Read more

Animal Ethics work in 2018

1 Jan 2019

In 2018, Animal Ethics has entered a new stage in our work, with a focus on animals living in the wild. In addition, we have continued to increase the number of countries in which we are active, and we have started to work in Chinese. Read more

Welfare biology research: Vaccination of animals in the wild

19 Dec 2018

This is a project draft to illustrate the research that scientists could develop in relation to vaccination of animals in the wild. It includes several separate research questions. Read more

Winter 2018 Animal Ethics Internships

1 Dec 2018

If you share our goals and wish to help us with our work raising awareness and promoting discussion about issues in animal ethics, please consider applying for one of our volunteer internships. Read more

From September to November, Animal Ethics has given 30 talks in eight different countries

20 Nov 2018

Animal Ethics has been giving talks in different countries, including the US, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. Read more

Animal Ethics leaflets are available in seven different languages

30 Oct 2018

We’re happy to announce that our leaflets are now free to download in several languages, including Chinese, German, French, Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Read more

Research projects in welfare biology

18 Oct 2018

Animal Ethics is working on a series of research project drafts in welfare biology to illustrate the kind of studies that could be developed in this field, and the best ways to help animals in the wild. Read more

A new article about wild animal suffering explains the importance of Welfare Biology

30 Sep 2018

Developing a field of research to study the wellbeing of animals in the wild should be an important matter for all those who want to help animals. Read more

Tour of talks in defense of animals

20 Sep 2018

Animal Ethics will be touring Mexico and the southwestern United States giving talks over the next two months. For these audiences, it may be an opportunity to learn about antispeciesism. Read more

Animal Ethics is hiring

18 Aug 2018

Our focus is on changing attitudes rather than behaviors and on collective changes. We are looking for someone self-motivated and hard-working who should be able to carry out a number of different tasks. Read more

New section with bibliographical lists to aid researchers wanting to help animals

11 Aug 2018

This new section presents many bibliographical lists with the references included in all our previously published webpages. Read more