What you can do

What you can do

If you want to help us advance towards a world with less speciesism and less suffering, there are several things you can do:

  • Inform yourself about speciesism, which is a type of discrimination against animals who do not belong to our species, and due to which they suffer terrible harms. Learn about how it negatively affects the lives of domesticated and wild animals.
  •  Collaborate with Animal Ethics:
    • Help us as a volunteer so we can offer more information about the lives of animals, animal sentience and animal ethics.
    • Share this website on social networks and with others who are interested in these issues.
    • If your native language is not English, contact us about translating documents into your language.
  • Choose vegan food and clothing, and avoid consuming animal products. Veganism means starting to live and feed ourselves without discriminating against other animals who share with us the capacity to suffer and enjoy their experiences in life. Breeding other sentient animals to produce food and clothing is only possible in a world where deeply discriminatory attitudes towards animals are embedded in societal values. By living according to antispeciesist values, you’ll be helping to lay the groundwork for a more just society, one that gives full respect to animals.

You can also help us to provide more resources by making a donation or joining us on Patreon.

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