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Defending animals


Veganism means rejecting causing harm to animals. Nonhuman animals are harmed and killed in many ways by humans. Vegans want to act differently towards them. Veganism entails, for instance, choosing ways of entertainment that are not harmful to animals, thus excluding shows such as circuses with animals, rodeos, bullfights, etc. More generally, being vegan implies avoiding doing... Read more


Veganism is a moral position that opposes exploiting and otherwise harming nonhuman animals. This includes what we do directly, such as hunting or fishing. It also includes what we support as consumers, which affects many more animals. Nonhuman animals are routinely killed and made to suffer in farms and slaughterhouses. This happens because there is a demand for animal products,... Read more


. What you can do If you want to help us advance towards a world with less speciesism and less suffering, there are several things you can do: Inform yourself about speciesism, which is a type of discrimination that many animals suffer just because they do not belong to our species, and due to which they suffer terrible harms. Learn about how it negatively affects the... Read more


If you want to make a difference for animals, something you can do is to collaborate with Animal Ethics. For us to succeed at our work, we need the support of people who volunteer with us or help us in other ways. You can get in touch with us here or by sending a message to Volunteers (a) There are many ways you can collaborate with us, depending on your... Read more


There are many ways we can help animals living in the wild and save them from the harms that they face in nature. In the long term, the only way they will eventually get the help they need is by us raising awareness of the plight of wild animals and the discrimination they suffer. But there are helpful things that can be done for them in the short term, too. Some people may want... Read more


There are a number of things we can do in a direct way to reduce the harms that animals undergo in the wild. There would be ways to give them even greater assistance if we had more knowledge and means. For this to be possible, the most important thing is for our societies to care about helping animals in the wild. It is possible that if societies never see helping wild animals... Read more


In order for animal products to be obtained, terrible harms must be inflicted upon a great number of animals. No one would accept suffering those harms to themselves in exchange for enjoying the benefit of using those products. For this reason, animal exploitation to obtain those products is an injustice, which we would completely reject if we acted in a just and impartial way, and... Read more

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