Volunteer with Animal Ethics to make a difference

Volunteer with Animal Ethics to make a difference

There are many ways you can collaborate with us, depending on your time, skills and interests. The following are specific examples of activities you can get involved with to strengthen the impact of our work:

Spreading our work online

· You can follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and encourage others to do the same.

· You can share our publications on social media.

Helping us with translations

Write to translations (a) animal-ethics.org if you can help with this.

Applying for one of our volunteer internships

They are announced twice a year. You can apply at info (a) animal-ethics.org. The projects we offer typically include the following tasks:

· Searching for information and carry out research on animals and ethics, animals and politics, animal sentience and other related issues

· Participating in wild animal suffering and welfare biology research projects

· Helping us with research on global perspectives for animal activism

· Searching for news relevant to animal issues.

· Helping us write and edit texts.

· Editing photos and videos.

· Helping us with motion graphics

· Helping us with infographics

· Applying new technologies to online activism

We also encourage you to use our website to find more information about speciesism, its consequences and the arguments against it. You can consider changing your consumer habits so they don’t harm animals. You can let other people know why wild animal suffering is an important issue too. You can also consider working with other organizations that take speciesism seriously. In addition, our materials, including leaflets and factsheets, are available for you to download and use.