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Literature review about invertebrate sentience

Animal Ethics has released a review of the neuroscientific literature related to the topic of invertebrate sentience. The review examines three main features of nervous systems which are likely to be useful to our understanding of invertebrate sentience: number of neurons in the brain, presence of specific brain structures, and degree of centralization. Read more

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A new article about how fireworks harm nonhuman animals of all sizes

Fireworks can cause psychological and physical harm to nonhuman animals in many ways, affecting far more animals than just those who live with humans. Read more

A Ética Animal está contratando um coordenador de pesquisa e divulgação em biologia do bem-estar

Animal Ethics is hiring a welfare biology research and outreach coordinator

Animal Ethics is hiring a welfare biology research and outreach coordinator. This is a remote position. The deadline for applications is July 31. Read more

Call for grant applications: Research in the intersection of ecology and wild animal welfare science at master’s level

Animal Ethics is calling for applications for grants to carry out master’s theses in wild animal welfare and welfare biology. Read more

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What is sentience, and why does it matter?

Sentience is the reason to respect other beings, and all the evidences indicate that vertebrates and a large number of invertebrates are sentient. Read more

Rejecting animal exploitation: Veganism

Learn more about the reasons to reject animal exploitation, and how to do it in your everyday life, joining many others who have done so too. Read more

Wild animal suffering: Learn more

Many people ignore that most animals suffer significantly and die prematurely in the wild, but it's possible to help them successfully. Read more


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