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Animal ethics plans for 2023

We are increasingly emphasizing the importance of long-term work for animals. There are some areas where animal suffering could increase astronomically in the future if we fail to address them now. Read more

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Animal Ethics in 2022: The year in review

After the constraints we had in previous years due to the COVID pandemic, 2022 was a very active year for Animal Ethics Read more

International Animal Rights Day

December 10th is International Animal Rights Day. International Human Rights Day is celebrated on the same day. Here we explain the relationship between them. Read more

Thank you for doubling your donations!

Thank you to everyone who donated on The Giving Block or every.org. All matching funds have run out. Read more

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Wild animal suffering video course

This course includes 28 videos that explain the situation of animals in the wild, why and how to help, and how to promote academic work on this fied. Read more

What animals are sentient, and why it matters

Evidence indicates that vertebrates and many invertebrates are sentient. Sentience is the capacity to feel and have experiences such as pain. Read more

Introduction to wild animal suffering ebook

Most animals suffer in the wild and die prematurely, but it’s possible to help them. This book explains the reasons and the different ways to do it. Read more


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