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Discourse ethics

Discourse ethics is a view in moral and political philosophy according to which we should follow the moral principles that would be mutually acceptable to everyone affected by the consequences of applying such principles. Discourse ethicists defend the view that the best moral norms can only be rightly defined intersubjectively. That is, the way to find these norms should be through dialogue, by weighing arguments against each other. Read more

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A reflection on World Day for the End of Speciesism

August 26 is celebrated as World Day for the End of Speciesism, to reflect on the harms we inflict on animals and our responsibility to protect them. Speciesism is discrimination against certain animals simply because they belong to some species. Read more

A new academic paper responding to objections against helping wild animals

A recently published paper addresses and rejects both the claim that reducing wild animals is impossible and the claim that it is morally objectionable Read more

Spain approves animal rescue in natural disasters and emergencies

Animal Ethics had made various proposals to the governments of Spain and Brazil, advocating for the inclusion of animals in action plans Read more

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Wild animal suffering video course

This course includes 28 videos that explain the situation of animals in the wild, why and how to help, and how to promote academic work on this fied. Read more

What animals are sentient, and why it matters

Evidence indicates that vertebrates and many invertebrates are sentient. Sentience is the capacity to feel and have experiences such as pain. Read more

Introduction to wild animal suffering ebook

Most animals suffer in the wild and die prematurely, but it’s possible to help them. This book explains the reasons and the different ways to do it. Read more