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AMA on International Animal Rights Day on December 10

We will be posting an AMA on our YouTube channel. We’ll be answering your questions about any topic related to the defense of animals. Read more

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Your donation to Animal Ethics can be matched on November 30

Giving Tuesday is Tuesday, November 30 this year and if you donate on that day your donation may be matched up to 100% Read more

New report about the welfare of urban wild animals

We’ve published a report about wild animals in urban environments reviweing existing scientific information about the lives of urban animals. Read more

What Animal Ethics is currently working on October 2021

We are continuing our work to educate and spread awareness about the natural harms that wild animals suffer. We also produce related content. Read more

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Wild animal suffering video course

This course includes 28 videos that explain the situation of animals in the wild, why and how to help, and how to promote academic work on this fied. Read more

What animals are sentient, and why it matters

Evidence indicates that vertebrates and many invertebrates are sentient. Sentience is the capacity to feel and have experiences such as pain. Read more

Introduction to wild animal suffering ebook

Most animals suffer in the wild and die prematurely, but it’s possible to help them. This book explains the reasons and the different ways to do it. Read more