Animals as workers and tools

Animals as workers and tools

In many places around the world nonhuman animals are used as workers. These animals often lead lives full of suffering and hardship, and they are killed when they are no longer useful. They are being used as resources. They are investments from which profit or value is expected to be obtained. The animals are often not taken care of any more than is necessary in order to exploit them. Their owners may keep them free from disease and allow them adequate rest in order for the animals to continue to be productive, or their owners may find it more profitable to work them to death and then replace them. Their situation is in crucial respects akin to that of human slaves: they are forced to work, often many hours a day. The value they produce is taken by humans, who just need to provide the animals with food and shelter. When they can no longer work in a way that makes their continued existence economically profitable, the animals are killed.

In other cases animals are used not as workers but as tools. One way they are used as tools is in animal experimentation. They are also used as tools for the military like when they are made to carry bombs across enemy lines.

Animals used as workers

There are numerous ways nonhuman animals are used for labor. In many cases they are used for transport or for traction, or as “beasts of burden”. Sometimes animals such as police dogs have to perform risky jobs.

Military use of animals

Nonhuman animals have been used as military tools throughout history. A great number of animals have been killed in wars. Even in times of peace they are used and killed for purposes such as the development of new weapons and for training soldiers.

Animal experimentation

Because nonhuman animals are considered very differently from humans, even when it comes to their most vital interests, they are used as laboratory tools. It’s interesting to note that most people would never think of using humans in similar ways.