Animals used for entertainment

Animals used for entertainment

Nonhuman animals are exploited and killed for entertainment in a number of ways. The most significant way is in the form of hunting and, especially, sport fishing. In addition, all around the world there are shows put on in which nonhuman animals are forced to take part.

In many of these shows the animals are harmed or even killed (like in bullfights). In others they are not killed but they are beaten or made to suffer in other ways (such as circuses).

The variety of uses of animals for entertainment is huge. Some of the most common ones are:


The victims of hunting are deprived of their lives, and also often made to suffer significantly, sometimes for hours or even days in the cases of animals that run away and eventually die.

Sport fishing

Fishes are sentient beings who feel pain as other vertebrates do. Sport fishing causes billions of animals every year to suffocate or die in other painful ways.

Circuses and other shows with animals

Life for animals in circuses and other similar shows is like a life sentence. The places where they are enclosed are prisons for them in which many are regularly tortured so they will perform.

Bullfighting and other entertainment using bulls

Bulls are used in specific entertainment events, such as bullfights (where they are killed), festivals like the “encierros” (running of the bulls) or in rodeos. Bullfighting should be opposed for the same reasons we oppose any practice that harms animals.