You can make a big impact now – no experience required

You can make a big impact now – no experience required

16 May 2023

At Animal Ethics, we work to make the world a better place for all sentient beings. Would you like to give us a hand? Anyone can help us with our content, which will allow us to reach many more people. Here are five ways you can help.

1. Translations

Translate into any language. We’ll send you a text, and you can translate it using ChatGPT or Bard. We’ve had good results using those models. Other options are StableVicuna and Claude. You don’t have to be a professional translator or a native speaker of the language. We just need the translations, and a native speaker will check them.

Suggested prompt: Please translate this into [language]. Don’t add anything or change the meaning. Just translate into natural-sounding language.

2. Summarizations

Summarize texts and sections of texts. Just copy and paste them into a large language model (LLM) like ChatGPT or Bard and ask the LLM to summarize.

Suggested prompt: Please summarize this text in simple language. Don’t add anything or change the meaning.

3. Voiceovers

Help create voiceovers for our content. If you have an account with Eleven Labs or Bark, you can clone your voice to make the process faster. Otherwise you can send us an mp3 of you reading the texts.

4. Edit Wikipedia

You can use LLM-generated summaries of our content to expand the information about issues related to animals available in Wikipedia in different languages.

5. Use your creativity

Create videos, games, apps, or music that get the message out there. Check to see some of the latest options.

Do you need help with how to use tools like ChatGPT? Get in touch, and we’ll get you started!