Our texts about wild animal suffering, now available in audio

Our texts about wild animal suffering, now available in audio

29 May 2020

We are excited to announce that we have just released the audio versions of every text in the wild animal suffering section of our website. This is following our major update and expansion of this section. This will make it easier for people read our content by making it more accessible and convenient. As a consequence, this should substantially expand the number of people we reach with this content. This is one of the ways that we are working to expand the reach of the content that we produce.

Our section on wild animal suffering introduces people to the idea that animals living in the wild should be respected as individuals and they suffer in many different ways. The problem of wild animal suffering is one that is both massive in scale (due to the huge number of animals living in the wild) and incredibly neglected. However, it is also a tractable one.

Our website section about this problem explains how this is so. One subsection describes the reasons why the subject of wild animal suffering is important. In the next subsection we describe the situation of their lives and the harms that they face. After this, the next subsection describes the ways in which we can help animals living in the wild, and indeed, the ways in which people are already helping them.

You can find the audio versions of our wild animal suffering materials here:

Introduction to wild animal suffering

The situation of animals in the wild:

Why wild animal suffering matters:

Helping wild animals:

These are subjects that many people have misconceptions about, and so education on it is particularly important. We hope that when people learn about the problem of wild animal suffering they will be inspired to help improve the situation for animals living in the wild.

Animal Ethics is one of the very few sources of advocacy and information on this very important topic. If you want to help us continue to make important content such as this please consider supporting our work.