New article about the exploitation of bees

New article about the exploitation of bees

25 Aug 2016
Exploitation of bees

A new article about the use of bees has been added to the new section on our website about animal exploitation, which was recently launched.

While many people never give a thought to this topic, there are very powerful reasons to conclude these animals are sentient. They display very complex behaviors and have nervous systems centralized in brains.

Despite this, their exploitation has typically received little attention, even though millions of these animals are killed every year in order to obtain products like honey and wax.

This text gives a detailed explanation of how this happens. You can read it here:

Exploitation of bees by humans

With this text we hope to encourage concern for small animals who are typically disregarded even though they are sentient. We also encourage you to take a look at the rest of the section about animal exploitation.  It includes around 40 articles examining in detail how nonhuman animals are used today.