Animal Ethics is requesting expressions of interest from Africa and Asia

Animal Ethics is requesting expressions of interest from Africa and Asia

26 Jun 2022

Are you concerned about the plight of domesticated and wild animals? Do you want to make a positive change for all sentient beings? So do we, and we are looking to make contact with people in Africa and Asia who are interested in working with us. We periodically have paid and volunteer positions. If you think you might be interested now or in the future, please get in touch. See more details at the bottom of this blog post or fill out our expression of interest form by August 15.

At Animal Ethics, we work to bring about a world where nonhuman animals are given greater moral consideration. We are an antispeciesist organization and believe that all sentient beings should be respected. This includes in particular animals that are most commonly disregarded and that are harmed in the highest numbers, which are aquatic animals and invertebrates. We oppose all forms of animal exploitation because they are forms of speciesism, so we are committed to the spread of veganism.

A central area of our work is explaining animal ethics, which shows why we should help other animals, and particularly animals living in the wild. We also provide educational material about sentience (consciousness) and why it is relevant to who we help, regardless of their species.

In addition, longtermism is essential to our approach. It doesn’t make sense to give more importance to some animals just because of the time at which they exist. Animals living in the present or the near future shouldn’t be favored over those who will exist later. The number of sentient beings that will exist in the far future will be far greater than those living now or in the near future. So we try to have the greatest possible positive impact on the longest future.

We have a special focus on animals living in the wild, because their numbers are so enormous compared to the numbers of humans or domesticated animals. Wild animals also face a great many more harms than most people realize. Helping them is becoming easier over time, and the biggest challenge is not our ability to help them now or in the future. It is the lack of awareness and public interest in learning about the problems and contributing to the solutions. This is one of the most neglected cause areas, and the one with the greatest negative impact in the world. For this reason we focus on education to increase awareness and bring about attitude change. We explain what the lives of wild animals are actually like and show the many ways that wild animals are currently being helped and can be helped in the future.

Are you currently working along these lines, or would you like to? A formal application is not needed at this time. We are only asking for an expression of interest with a few lines about your current experience and skills as well as what you are interested in learning more about. Please also copy and paste your CV or a summary of it. The only requirement is excellent written and spoken English. There are many ways you can help animals from almost any field you work in or studies you are pursuing. If you are uncertain but you like what we do, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you! Please fill out our expression of interest form.