Animal Ethics’s 2018 strategic plan

Animal Ethics’s 2018 strategic plan

16 Feb 2018

We would like to share with you our strategic plan for the present year. We hope this can be useful in giving our followers an idea not only of the strategic goals we have for this year but also, more generally, of the fields we’re working in and on the activities we’re carrying out. We work in many different areas, as we aim at reaching the general public and animal advocates, as well as students, scientists, and influential people working in academia. Due to this, the range of things we do is very wide. Because of the amount of content published on our website and in our social media it’s possible not to be aware of all the things we carry out.

In addition, we believe the plan can be interesting to you as it not only presents the activities we plan to carry out, but the reasons why we’re planning to carry them out. Our strategic plan also explains why we opt for some courses of actions rather than others and why we may shift from some activities to others as our goals are achieved.

As you’ll see in the plan, our general goals for 2018 are the following:

1. To initiate the development of welfare biology in academia with some biologists and animal welfare scientists beginning to work in this field.
2. To increase our impact in terms of promotion and production of research on animal issues in general.
3. To reach a larger audience online and to refine our ways of directing them to the most relevant content.
4. To continue to expand our activism network globally.
5. To start working in Chinese.
6. To raise more funds for research on wild animal suffering.
7. To continue developing our internal organization internationally.

These are very ambitious aims we’ve only been able to set given the work we carried out in previous years. The extent to which we’ll be able to achieve them, especially in the case of promoting the creation of welfare biology in academia and of our future work in Chinese, will depend a great deal on whether we’re successful in getting people interested in these developments and willing to support our work. We hope, however, that more people will be encouraged to do this, as they recognize the need to mainstream concern for wild animal suffering in science, and also the importance of spreading concern for sentient beings globally.

You can download our 2018 strategic plan here

Some of the planned tasks for 2018 have been already carried out in the initial weeks of the year. This is so, in particular, in the case of the launching of the Chinese version of our website, to which we gave priority over publishing this plan. We’ve left the plan untouched, as it was prepared by the end of 2017, so you can get a sense of the whole picture as we approached the planning of this year’s work.