Updates to the ethics and animals section on our website

31 Aug 2021

We’ve just finished updating the ethics and animals section on our website and we added new pages about prioritarianism and suffering-focused ethics. We hope the pages in this section shed light on why anyone who cares about the wellbeing of others should consider not only refraining from harming other animals, but also helping them when we can.

Ethics and animals is crucially important because ethical theories form the basis of how people regard others and how they act. The sad truth is that, deliberately or inadvertently, arguments drawn from ethical theories are often given to justify and reinforce all types of discrimination against humans and other animals. When considered carefully, these arguments don’t actually make sense and do not accurately reflect the ethical theory.

Our ethics section describes the major ethical theories and their variations, looks at how each commonly regards nonhuman animals, and shows why applying any of these theories consistently requires giving greater moral consideration to animals. You can read brief descriptions of what each of the pages covers on our introductory page about ethical theories and nonhuman animals or you can go directly to any of the pages using the links below.