New section with bibliographical lists to aid researchers wanting to help animals

11 Aug 2018

Finding the right literature to learn more about a certain issue may be a very time consuming task even for those who have a research background. Due to this, to make this easier for all those willing to do research on animal issues, we have just published a new section presenting the bibliography lists included in all our previously published webpages in a way that is easier to search.

Our website has now more than 250 articles in English, including over 180 pages and more than 80 blog posts (the figure becomes much larger if we count separately our translations and articles into the eight different languages in which our site is available). Our texts include bibliographical lists with scientific and technical references not only to back the claims in our articles, but also to provide resources for all those willing to do further research. This means that in total there are thousands of references in our website. Thanks to these new bibliographical lists, they will be now easier to find by anyone interested in doing research in, or just learning more about animal ethics, sentience, the situation of animals in the wild and exploited by humans and the defense of animals.

You can access this new bibliographical section here:

Animal Ethics bibliographical list

Each page includes the different references lists for the papers included in a certain section (for instance, in the page about the situation of animals in the wild includes the reference lists of all the different papers published within that section: malnutrition and thirst, physical injuries, weather conditions, psychological stress, etc.).

We hope this will be useful. Remember also that if you’re willing to do research in animal ethics or related issues you can use our research help service. And you may also consider joining our volunteer research team.