Introducing Animal Ethics research help

Introducing Animal Ethics research help

27 Aug 2017

Carrying out more research regarding the situation of animals and the reasons to defend them in any sphere is very important. It helps us to increase our capacities to make a difference for all sentient animals. It’s also an excellent way to acquire the tools necessary for changing the minds of influential people (especially in the fields of education and science) regarding speciesism and its consequences.

Due to this, at Animal Ethics we believe it’s very important to promote the work of researchers (especially young ones) working in animal ethics or related fields. For this reason, we are introducing a new service, whereby Animal Ethics provides research assistance to people in these situations in order to help them develop their work:

Animal Ethics research help

Even if you don’t contact us in any way, you may still find our work useful by taking advantage of the information that is available to you on our website. There, you’ll find around 120 essays explaining in detail many issues concerning animals and ethics, animal sentience, the interests animals have, the situation of animals exploited by humans, veganism, the situation of animals in nature and how we can aid animals in need of help in the wild. Not only may the actual texts be useful, but the extensive literature cited in the different articles may help you to do your own research. Checking out our website map is an easy way to find the topic you are working in.

In addition to reading our texts and the references in them, you may also find it useful to get in touch with us if you plan to do research in depth in some particular topic, so please consider contacting us in case we can be of help. The promotion of work in animal ethics and related issues in academia is one of our aims.

In particular, if you are writing your MA or PhD dissertation on some topic related to animal ethics and need some advice, we will be happy to help you. Students and researchers are sometimes uncertain about how to approach the issues they are researching, what the relevant literature is, what the main arguments at stake are, etc. We will be happy to provide you with the most relevant information we have concerning these issues, as long as we are competent in the field in which you are working. We think it is very important to support academic work that can help the cause of animals. This is why we provide this service (free of charge, of course) and encourage students to engage in this kind of research.

Another problem that students and researchers often face is lack of debate about animal issues at their universities or research facilities. Animal Ethics researchers will be happy to give a seminar at your institution. If either distance or travel expense is prohibitive, we can always give a talk via online collaboration. We will also be happy to put you in touch with other researchers.

There may be other ways we can be of help that are not listed above. In those cases, don’t hesitate to let us know! Also, if you think you could help us to carry out this work, just get in touch with us! Among the many tasks with which people can collaborate with Animal Ethics, providing help to researchers is an important one.