Animal Ethics research help

Are you a researcher, a student or an academic interested in animal ethics or some related issue, such as animal sentience or the situation of domesticated or wild animals? At Animal Ethics we would love to help you:

  • The contents on our website are intended to be useful for you. If you’re looking for information about some issue, in particular, see our website map for assistance locating the information you need.
  • If you plan to do research in depth in some particular topic, in addition to reading our texts and the references in them, consider contacting us in case we can be of help. The promotion of work in animal ethics and related issues in academia is one of our aims.
  • To increase academic work on animals, we also provide advice to students writing MA or PhD dissertations, as well as to other researchers, where we can be of some help (we do this free of charge, of course). So if you would like to work on these topics and are uncertain about where to start or how to proceed, we will be happy to provide assistance to you, as long as our expertise on the matter can be helpful.
  • In addition, if you would like to promote debate at your institution about these issues, we would love to give a talk or a Skype or videoconference presentation there or help you give one:
  • Also, if you don’t know other researchers who work in your field, feel free to get in touch with us, in case we can help by familiarizing you with other people doing research in that field.
  • Finally, of course, you may consider joining our research team and working with us. Even if you have limited time for that, you may make a very worthwhile contribution; every little bit helps. We would love to have you on board as much as we would be happy to collaborate with you!