Concern for animals in the wild

Concern for animals in the wild

30 Jun 2016
Animals in the wild

Animal Ethics will be soon introducing a new website section with articles about the situation of animals in the wild and how we can help them when they need it. We are now publishing an introductory text in advance of this section which explains the reasons why what happens to animals in the wild should concern us:

Can animals in the wild be harmed in the same ways as domesticated animals and humans?

There are some people who have an idyllic view of nature according to which animals in the wild are just fine and there’s nothing for us to do to help them. Unfortunately, the truth is that these animals often face many threats to their lives and most of them don’t survive. There are many circumstances in which they suffer a great deal.

However, there are many cases in which we can help them! We need to have the will to do it, though. This text points out that we shouldn’t discriminate against any animal, and this applies to animals living in the wild as well as domesticated animals.