Animal Ethics has a new website section about veganism

4 Aug 2017

This new section includes information explaining the reasons for rejecting the use of animals along with easy ways of doing so. Read more

30 years since the publication of Morals, reason and animals

25 Jul 2017

It’s 30 years since the publication of the classic by Steve F. Sapontzis, that examined the question of aiding animals in the wild. Read more

Five years of the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness

7 Jul 2017

In July 7, 2012, a group of scientists signed the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in light of the consensus about the issue. Read more

Views supporting speciesism

29 Jun 2017

If we want to challenge speciesism it is important to know how its defenders argue. Read more

A new set of texts with answers to some frequently asked questions about veganism

13 Jun 2017

A new set of texts by Animal Ethics with answers to frequently asked questions about veganism. Read more

2nd Animal Ethics Essay Prize: Reminder!

30 May 2017

. This is a reminder of the 2nd Animal Ethics Essay Prize which will be awarded this year. Submissions are welcome on the topic of […] Read more

A new article about a common bias affecting animal activism: Scope insensitivity

20 May 2017

This text starts a new series of articles addressing different cognitive biases which often render our activism less effective. Read more

We don’t need to kill some animals to feed others

25 Apr 2017

It’s perfectly possible for animals such as dogs and cats to live healthy and happy on vegan diets. Read more

A new article about animals and politics

6 Apr 2017

If the arguments against speciesism are correct, political institutions should safeguard the interests of nonhuman animals. Read more

Why we should reject the view that nonhuman animals can’t be sentient

25 Mar 2017

This is a new text considering the arguments that are most commonly used to claim that nonhuman animals are not sentient, and the reasons to reject those arguments. Read more

Why the appeal to intuitions shouldn’t lead us to accept speciesism – or other questionable moral views

13 Mar 2017

Our intuitions are often unreliable and even in contradiction with each other. They should be critically appraised. An attitude may be initially intuitive, and we may discover, once we reflect about it, that it is not tenable. Read more

Thanking Tom Regan for his work for sentient animals

18 Feb 2017

Tom Regan, a long term defender of sentient animals, died yesterday. We want to thank him for what he did for a better world. Read more

A new article about the legal status of nonhuman animals

15 Feb 2017

Granting significant legal protection to nonhuman animals can be done by granting them the status of legal rights holders. Read more

Why the popular view of animals living in the wild is wrong

31 Jan 2017

A wholly unrepresentative view of animal populations in the wild is still prevalent. Read more

New article about bullfighting and the use of bulls for entertainment

21 Jan 2017

This text provides information about a form of exploitation of animals for entertainment that is present in different countries. Read more

2016: A year of activism in defense of animals

31 Dec 2016

You can now download a summary of the activities Animal Ethics has carried out in 2016. Read more

2nd Animal Ethics Essay Prize on Animal Suffering in the Wild

19 Nov 2016

Eligible essays must be unpublished and examine the question of the suffering of animals in nature and ways to help them, or related issues. Read more

Animal Ethics new section about animal suffering in nature

20 Oct 2016

This new section explains in detail the situation of animals in the wild, why suffering and premature death is so prevalent in nature and what we can do about it. Read more

Your donation will now be matched dollar for dollar

19 Sep 2016

Between now and the October the 31st, your donation to Animal Ethics will be twice as valuable thanks to Raising for Effective Giving. Read more

New article about the exploitation of bees

25 Aug 2016

The exploitation of bees has typically received little attention, though millions of these animals are killed every year. Read more