The Montreal Declaration on Animal Exploitation

11 Oct 2022

A public declaration signed by philosophers from around the world denouncing animal exploitation Read more

Animal Ethics’s recent talks and seminars around the world

28 Sep 2022

In recent months, Animal Ethics has participated in a large number of events at conferences, universities and other venues in many different countries Read more

Using thermal imaging to help animals in the wild: New literature review

13 Sep 2022

A new literature review about thermal imaging to help animals explores how the technology is being used in various applications Read more

Answers to the AMA on World Day for an End to Speciesism

31 Aug 2022

On August 27, World Day for an End to Speciesism, Soudamini and Aditya from Animal Ethics responded to AMA questions on the subjects of speciesism Read more

Sanctuary founder Tracy Murphy jailed for helping two cows

6 Aug 2022

In Niagara County, New York, sanctuary founder Tracy Murphy found two cows wandering on the road outside Asha’s Farm Sanctuary which she runs Read more

Oscar Horta’s book Making a Stand for Animals, is now available!

20 Jul 2022

We are happy to announce that Animal Ethics’s co-founder Oscar Horta has just published Making a stand for animals Read more

10th Anniversary of the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness

7 Jul 2022

Scientists agree that many animals, including many invertebrates, have the capacity for consciousness Read more

Animal Ethics is requesting expressions of interest from Africa and Asia

26 Jun 2022
Animal Ethics is requesting expressions of interest from Africa and Asia

We are looking to make contact with people in Africa and Asia who are interested in working with us Read more

Animals and war

17 Jun 2022

Nonhuman animals have been part of armed conflicts throughout history, and remain so today. This is another consequence of speciesism that adds to all the harms that animals already suffer. Read more

A new report on the obstacles for a brucellosis vaccination program for the bison population in Yellowstone

17 May 2022

We have released a new report on the prospects for vaccination against brucellosis Read more

Apply by May 1 for a paid summer fundraising position with Animal Ethics

21 Apr 2022

If you’re interested in doing fundraising work, now is the perfect time to work with Animal Ethics! Read more

Donate in crypto to increase your impact – we can help

31 Mar 2022

Our vision is a world where all sentient beings are given moral consideration. Your donation in crypto can help us build our endowment for the future. Read more

World Day for the End of Fishing 2022

26 Mar 2022
World Day for the End of Speciesism

Fishing is one of the biggest killers of animals. March 26 is the World Day for the End of Fishing, which was created in 2017 and has since been held every year Read more

Animal Ethics website is available in 10 languages, now including Romanian

18 Mar 2022

One of the goals we have at Animal Ethics is to spread information and arguments on key issues about animals and ethics Read more

What technologies can be used to help wild animals?

28 Feb 2022

There are numerous existing technologies that can help us collect and analyze data about the wellbeing of animals living in natural environments Read more

A new paper on how to do effective advocacy work to reduce wild animal suffering

18 Jan 2022

We have just published a new article that gives some indications of how to do wild animal suffering work effectively Read more

Animal Ethics: The Year in review 2021

31 Dec 2021

In 2021 we extended our reach more than ever before, connecting with new audiences online and also increasing our outreach on social media and elsewhere. Read more

New infographic: “Have you ever heard of speciesism?”

13 Dec 2021

We are releasing this short infographic as another example of creation of materials that make information about speciesism more accessible Read more

AMA on International Animal Rights Day on December 10

2 Dec 2021

We will be posting an AMA on our YouTube channel. We’ll be answering your questions about any topic related to the defense of animals.– Read more

Your donation to Animal Ethics can be matched on November 30

19 Nov 2021

Giving Tuesday is Tuesday, November 30 this year and if you donate on that day your donation may be matched up to 100% Read more