Helping wild animals through vaccination: could this happen for coronaviruses like SARS-CoV-2?

12 May 2020

The extent to which some animals can suffer from different diseases has become prominent due to the present COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Co-hosted spring meetup about how to best help wild animals

26 Apr 2020

We will continue to collaborate with other organizations that are concerned about wild animals, in order to find the best ways to coordinate our efforts and improve our effectiveness. Read more

Introduction to wild animal suffering: A guide to the issues

3 Apr 2020

This is a companion text to our online video course to acquaint readers with the basic ideas about what wild animal suffering is, why it matters, and what can be done about it.

Read more

Surveying attitudes towards helping wild animals among scientists and students

20 Mar 2020

This study consisted of a survey where we asked hundreds of students and scholars about their attitudes toward different ways of helping wild animals Read more

Announcing the first video of an online course on wild animal suffering

29 Feb 2020

This first video gives an overview of the topics that will be covered. Starting next month, we will be regularly publishing the course videos. Read more

Scientists’ attitudes towards improving the welfare of animals in the wild: a qualitative study

10 Feb 2020

Animal Ethics has carried out a qualitative study to assess the attitudes of life scientists towards helping wild animals. Read more

Helping wild animals in Australia

5 Feb 2020

Fires have been raging in many parts of Australia for several months now. This has been the worst wildfire season in recent memory in Australia. This posts presents some ways in which animals have been harmed and helped. Read more

Animal Ethics starts working in India

30 Jan 2020

Animal Ethics has started to work in India, beginning with a series of talks at universities about speciesism, the moral consideration of animals, and concern for wild animal suffering. Read more

Animal Ethics’s 2020 activities plan

17 Jan 2020

The accumulated work and experience of previous years has made it possible for us to expect that in 2020 the impact of our work will be much greater than ever before. Read more

Animal Ethics work in 2019

30 Dec 2019

In 2019, at Animal Ethics we increased our work significantly, by promoting and carrying out research in welfare biology and doing capacity building work about wild animal suffering. We also expanded internationally. Read more

Remembering Priscilla Cohn’s work for wild animals

28 Dec 2019

Priscilla Cohn was Professor of Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University. She did pioneering work focused in the defense of wild animals and supporting contraception for wild animals Read more

Major updates to our section on helping animals living in the wild

24 Dec 2019

We have recently expanded with new texts and contents our website section about helping animals living in the wild and the reasons why wild animal suffering is an important problem. Read more

Introduction to urban welfare ecology research

20 Dec 2019

Urban welfare ecology is the study of wild animals who live in urban, suburban, and industrial environments with a focus on the wellbeing of the animals as individuals, rather than as populations. Read more

We have expanded our work on the situation of animals in the wild

18 Dec 2019

We are happy to announce that we have updated the situation of animals in the wild section on our website. This is not a minor update… Read more

New work on antagonism in nature and wild animal suffering

13 Dec 2019

In recent months, we have been expanding the pages in our website section on the situation of animals in the wild. As part of that effort, we increased our coverage of the topic of antagonism in nature. Read more

Animal Ethics is funding a study of the effects of fires on animals in the wild at the Autonomous University of Madrid

9 Dec 2019

Research on the ways animals are harmed by fires in the wild puts us in a much better position to help them. Read more

A library of scientific references relevant to welfare biology

6 Dec 2019

This library of scientific references is a resource for those who want to carry out research in welfare biology, a proposed field of study at the intersection of the sciences of animal welfare and ecology. Read more

Your donation to Animal Ethics will be matched dollar for dollar

26 Nov 2019

Between now and January 7, 2020, your donation to Animal Ethics will be twice as valuable! Each dollar you donate to us between now and then will be matched dollar for dollar. Read more

Animal Ethics is funding pioneering research at Massey University on how to best help whales in mass strandings

22 Nov 2019

This research project has the aim of informing issue protocols and policies concerning stranded whales with the best science available. Read more

Winter 2019 Animal Ethics internships

14 Nov 2019

We are accepting applications for Animal Ethics 2019 winter internships in a variety of areas. If you share our goals and think you can help us in a way that’s not listed, please get in touch! Read more