An introductory article about the use of insects as food

8 Mar 2021

Traditionally, different types of insects have been consumed as food in several countries. At present, this consumption is experiencing a worrying increase. The most problematic consequence… Read more

What Animal Ethics is currently working on

27 Feb 2021

At Animal Ethics, we work on relatively diverse projects, but they all help move us towards our aims of seeing a world with greater respect for nonhuman animals and helping the most vulnerable.  Read more

A new article illustrating degree of centralization and capacity for consciousness in invertebrates

16 Feb 2021

A new article describes the physiology of the nervous systems of invertebrates of different phyla and classes. Read more

A study by Animal Ethics looks at how scientific fields have formed

18 Jan 2021

Furthering a cause entails acquiring a substantial amount of knowledge about the problem the cause addresses, and academic work can be crucial for that. Read more

Animal Ethics work in 2020

27 Dec 2020

2020 has been a challenging year. But at Animal Ethics we have made important progress in three areas: we published educational work about wild animal advocacy, we worked with academics and we expanded our work internationally. Read more

Videos of recent talks and interviews

19 Dec 2020

In recent months, Animal Ethics representatives have given talks about speciesism, the importance of sentience, wild animal suffering and how to alleviate it, and our international work. Read more

A study of wild animal suffering using data from wild animal rescue centers in Greece

14 Dec 2020

This study examines how data about wild animals admitted to rescue centers in Greece provides insight into natural harms affecting wild animals. Read more

Double your donations on Giving Tuesday December 1 2020

26 Nov 2020

Read some highlights of our work so far this year, plus instructions about how you can double your donation to us. Please support our work so that we can continue to educate and do research to help animals. Read more

The potential to reduce the suffering of animals in the wild using eDNA sampling

15 Nov 2020

eDNA sampling is a noninvasive research technique that can be used to learn more about animals in the wild, such as whether they’re suffering from a particular disease. Read more

Introduction to the legal consideration of wild animals in the United States

25 Oct 2020

The legalities of helping and harming animals in the wild are shaped by many variables, such as the animals’ species, where the animals live, and the nature of the activity. Read more

Introducing our website in Hindi

29 Sep 2020

This new milestone complements the outreach in India that we began earlier this year. Our website is now available in nine languages, including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Polish, Italian, Chinese, and now Hindi. Read more

We have completed the publication of our online course on wild animal suffering

16 Sep 2020

We have completed the publication of the third and last module of our online course on wild animal suffering, introducing welfare biology. Read more

Welfare biology work on how fires harm wild animals and what to do about it

27 Aug 2020

This is the result of a postdoc research project completed by Jara Gutiérrez and funded by Animal Ethics with an important potential impact. Read more

Talks for the World Day for the End of Speciesism

15 Aug 2020

At the end of August there will be events online and in different countries in celebration of the World Day for the End of Speciesism. Animal Ethics will participate with several online talks. Read more

The second module of our video course about wild animal suffering is now available

8 Aug 2020

We are happy to announce that we’ve now published the second module of our course on wild animal suffering. This module covers the moral consideration of animals. Read more

A new article on the consequences for animals of the status quo bias

2 Aug 2020

Cognitive biases are a very serious obstacle for the advance of concern for all sentient beings. In addition, they can be harmful to animal advocacy. Read more

Negative and positive effects of habitat fragmentation on animals

15 Jul 2020

A new study indicated that the most important effects resulting from habitat fragmentation are long-term ones, which can be negative or positive for animals. Read more

Animal Ethics virtual events in 2020

8 Jul 2020

This year, due to the spread of COVID-19, we were forced to cancel most of our activities, and have decided to do them online when possible and have added other events in different languages. Read more

In memory of Regan Russell, killed while defending animals

27 Jun 2020

On June 19th, Regan Russell, a long-time animal activist and member of Toronto Pig Save, was killed while she was defending animals outside a slaughterhouse, hit by an animal exploitation industry truck. Read more

Watch the first module of our video course about wild animal suffering

21 Jun 2020

We’ve released the entire first module of our video course on wild animal suffering. It covers the situation of animals in the wild as individuals, and ways of helping them. Read more