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We should aid vulnerable wild animals, not kill them


People mocked tourists at Yellowstone National Park for “anthropomorphizing” a baby bison when they put her in a car because they thought she was cold. However, many nonhuman animals die from cold weather and are often ignored. Since the bison’s parents would not touch her after she was touched by humans, she kept approaching tourists and their cars. Because she was approaching humans, the park officials killed her. Many media organizations, like The Washington Post, are blaming the bison’s death on the tourists.[1] They ignore the fact that the bison was killed by officials. This is the side many media outlets are presenting:
“The bison’s death was the latest in a seemingly unending parade of incidents that underscore the foolishness of approaching, feeding, taking selfies with — or, in this case, trying to help — wildlife. The... Read more

Effective activism

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Wild animal suffering

Animals in nature also suffer terrible harms


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We can all oppose harming animals

Speciesism is unjustified


Speciesism favors humans at the cost of harming nonhuman animals. If we believe justice requires impartiality, then we cannot accept speciesism as being just.

Individuals that have a capacity for positive or negative experiences can be harmed or helped by our actions. Ecosystems and biocenoses cannot.


The problem of consciousness


To be conscious is to be able to have some kind of subjective experience or awareness of something. In addition to humans, many nonhuman animals are conscious.

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