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Summer 2019 Animal Ethics internships

Animal Ethics is accepting applications for internships to support our work helping animals in the wild and defending animals exploited by humans. Read more

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Animal Charity Evaluators’ Effective Animal Advocacy Fund will support Animal Ethics’s wild animal suffering work

Animal Ethics is happy to announce we’re a grant recipient of Animal Charity Evaluators’ Effective Animal Advocacy Fund. This will help fund new website resources Read more

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Animal Ethics is funding a novel research project examining causes of harm and mortality to wild animals in Greece

Animal Ethics is supporting research on projects that will help us better understand wild animal suffering and make it more tractable. Read more

Promoting Welfare Biology as the Study of Wild Animal Suffering – video and transcript

This EA Global talk explains what wild animal suffering is and what is being done to address it. The talk discusses the creation of a new field of research, welfare biology. Read more

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What is sentience, and why does it matter?

Sentience is the capacity to feel and have experiences such as pain. Evidence indicates that vertebrates and many invertebrates are sentient. Read more

Rejecting animal exploitation: Veganism

Learn about the reasons to reject animal exploitation and how to do it in your everyday life, joining a growing number of people who have done so. Read more

Wild animal suffering: Learn more

Many people disregard the fact that most animals suffer in the wild and die prematurely. There are many ways we can and already do help them. Read more


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