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Volunteer doing research with Animal Ethics

Carrying out research is a crucial task for Animal Ethics. We work to make information available to activists, academics and the general public that may […] Read more

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A new article about motivated reasoning and confirmation bias, and their consequence to animal activism

We have just published a new text that examines how our judgement can be distorted by our preferences and our wish for reality to match our previous beliefs. Read more

Animal Ethics talks and outreach events in different countries

During the next several weeks Animal Ethics will be giving talks in several countries. We’ve also been actively tabling and leafleting in different places. Read more

Animal Ethics new website design

At Animal Ethics we’re very happy to introduce the new design of our website, which aims to be more user friendly. Read more

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Animal Ethics new website section about veganism

Learn more about the reasons to reject animal exploitation, answers to frequently asked questions and tips. Read more

What beings are sentient?

Given the criteria we have for considering whether a being is conscious, it is reasonable to conclude that vertebrates and a large number of invertebrates are conscious.Read more

Helping animals in the wild: learn more

Many people ignore that most animals suffer significantly and die prematurely in the wild, but there are many ways to help them. Read more


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