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Animal Ethics’s 2018 strategic plan

Our strategic plan for 2018 explains our general goals for this year, as well as our strategic shift to promote concern for wild animals among scientists. Read more

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An important thought bias: availability heuristic

There’s a widespread tendency to attribute more importance to certain issues than to others just because of how easy it is to remember instances of […] Read more

Animal Ethics website is now available in Chinese too

Our website is now available in eight languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Polish, Italian, and now Chinese. Read more

A year in retrospect: Animal Ethics activism in 2017

In 2017 Animal Ethics has developed its work further than we had done before, reaching new places and people, and anticipating great advances for next year. Read more

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Animal Ethics new website section about veganism

Learn more about the reasons to reject animal exploitation, answers to frequently asked questions and tips. Read more

What beings are sentient?

Given the criteria we have for considering whether a being is conscious, it is reasonable to conclude that vertebrates and a large number of invertebrates are conscious.Read more

Helping animals in the wild: learn more

Many people ignore that most animals suffer significantly and die prematurely in the wild, but there are many ways to help them. Read more


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