Views supporting speciesism

Views supporting speciesism

29 Jun 2017
Views defending speciesism

In our section about animals and ethics we include several texts explaining the arguments for rejecting speciesism. These arguments have been used by different animal ethicists to oppose discrimination against nonhuman animals. However, the idea that such discrimination should be rejected is still far from widely accepted. Because of speciesist education, many people still think speciesism is correct.

Due to this reason, there are a number of authors who have written in defense of the disconsideration of nonhuman animals and in favor of the preeminence of human interests. If we take speciesism seriously it is important to know how its defenders argue. In this way, we’ll be better prepared to respond to the claims they make, which means we’ll be in a better position to argue in defense of animals.

Given this, we have just published a new text which presents, in a very simple way, the views put forward rejecting the equal consideration of human and nonhuman animals’ interests and the theorists who have championed those views.

You can read this text here:

Defenses of speciesism

The text also includes a long list of references indicating the literature for and against speciesism, which we hope you will find useful if you want to do more research on this issue.