Videos of recent talks and interviews

Videos of recent talks and interviews

19 Dec 2020

In recent months, Animal Ethics representatives have given talks about speciesism and the moral consideration of animals, wild animal suffering and ways to alleviate it, and about our international work. In this post we want to share with you videos and podcasts of some of our latest talks.

We were present at the EAG-Asia Pacific Conference, where Aditya SK gave a talk about the expansion of animal advocacy and concern for wild animal suffering in India. You can watch the talk here:

You can also watch a talk previously given by Aditya and broadcast on social media for the World Day for the End of Speciesism. The talk, which was given in three different languages, explains the reasons to challenge discrimination against nonhuman animals, why we should be concerned about both animal exploitation and wild animal suffering, and our efforts to make a difference for all sentient beings:

We were also present at the EA Student Summit and gave a joint talk with Wild Animal Initiative about current efforts and other ways we could change the situation of wild animals. The talk mainly addressed students, indicating what they can do to increase concern about this issue in academia, and career choices to make the greatest impact in helping wild animals. You can watch our talk here:

In addition, Oscar Horta was interviewed on the Sentience Institute’s podcast in two episodes where he spoke about wild animal suffering, our work to prevent it, welfare biology, speciesism, and related issues. You can listen to those two podcast episodes here and here.

In a few days we will publish a report about our work in 2020, with much more detail about our other outreach activities, as well as our research and the rest of our work.