Talks and leafleting in the US, UK, Spain, and Brazil

Talks and leafleting in the US, UK, Spain, and Brazil

13 Dec 2015
Animal Ethics talk

In recent months, Animal Ethics organized several events with the aim of raising awareness about speciesism, the reasons to respect sentient beings, and the situation of nonhuman animals. We’ve also continued leafleting and tabling as we regularly do in order to reach a wider audience.

animal-ethics-tabling On October 25th, we gave a talk at Animal Place’s Vegan Republic in Berkeley about speciesism, the discrimination against nonhuman animals. We are planning additional talks and movie screenings of antispeciest-related films followed by discussions of the points raised by them. Events such as these allow us to convey our message in a detailed way, so they are an excellent way to help our audience to develop a clear view of why sentient beings deserve respect. Such events also help us to get more people involved in their defense.

We also organized two series of talks in Spain, at the universities of Madrid and Santiago de Compostela. A total of eleven talks were given in these universities, addressing different aspects of speciesism, the legal status of animals, the situation of domesticated and wild animals, and the similarities between women’s movements and animal advocacy. Both universities were involved as well in the organization of these events, together with local students concerned about antispeciesism. As Animal Ethics works to make an impact in academia, it’s important to us to collaborate with academic institutions so they start to pay more attention to the issue of the moral consideration of animals.

animal-ethics-leafletingIn addition to this, we’ve been doing public outreach by leafleting and tabling. We have done this regularly in the San Francisco, California area, where we have set up tables at San Francisco’s Sunday Streets, Oakland’s First Fridays, and Berkeley’s Solano Avenue Stroll. Our leaflets have also been distributed in other cities in the United States, Spain and the UK. This month we will start officially leafleting in Brazil too!

As we continue this work, we expect that more and more people will become aware of the reasons to make speciesism and lack of concern for sentient beings a thing of the past!