New website section about animal exploitation

New website section about animal exploitation

25 Apr 2016

We’re pleased to announce that we now have a section on our website about animal exploitation. In addition to drawing attention to the harms that come to nonhuman animals as a result of humans using them as resources, we’ve included many scientific references that provide the evidence. In total, the section includes 40 texts.

The texts in the new section cover the use of nonhuman animals for food, clothing, entertainment, labor, research and as companions. The section also provides information about the often-overlooked fish farm industry, and provides references that include some of the latest findings related to the sentience of fishes.

The animal exploitation section focuses on the harm that humans cause to nonhuman animals. In a couple of months, we’ll be adding another section that addresses the harms that come to animals from natural causes, and suggests ways that we can help.

One of the main aims of Animal Ethics is to provide information and resources about animals and their consideration. So we hope this section will be a helpful resource for others who want to learn about this topic in more detail or do further research.