Intervening to rescue trapped animals

Intervening to rescue trapped animals

30 Jul 2016
Intervening to rescue animals

Many people have an idyllic view of nature according to which animals live happy lives in the wild as long as we leave them alone. Unfortunately, this view is totally wrong.

The lives of animals in the wild are very hard. They suffer and die prematurely for many reasons, including disease, injuries, hostile weather conditions, attacks by other animals, parasitism and stress.

There are several ways in which we can help them, however. One is by rescuing them when they become trapped, which happens much more often than many people think. This new piece presents some examples of how this can be done:

Rescuing trapped animals

This shows that, unlike what it is sometimes believed, if we are concerned with what happens to nonhuman animals in the wild we should not just leave them alone. Rather, we should intervene to help them every time we can. We will be making a great difference to save them from the harms they are suffering on an everyday basis.