Internship opportunities at Animal Ethics

Internship opportunities at Animal Ethics

10 Jul 2018

We are looking for interns to support our work in building a better world for all sentient beings. Our efforts are primarily focused on raising awareness and promoting discussion about issues in animal ethics, as well as providing key resources for animal advocates. We have an antispeciesist approach, and we are always trying to improve the effectiveness of our work to have a greater impact in the lives of animals. We advocate for nonhuman animals exploited by humans and promote the spread of veganism. We also raise concern about the situation of animals living in the wild and possible ways to help them.

If you share our goals and think you have skills to help us with our work, we encourage you to apply for one of our volunteer internships.

You would work remotely with us on a flexible schedule, have the opportunity to improve your research, analytical, or communication skills, and at the same time be part of a team committed to improving the lives of animals.

Animal Ethics Internships


Remote, open to international candidates


1-2 months, 10-20 hours/week

Internship types

Research, Communications, Operations, Development

Application closing date

Applications will be considered as they come, but this round of internships applications will end on August, 20th.  A new round, as well as extended deadlines for certain projects in particular, will be announced in the future.

Projects offered


1. Communication and social media

Includes work on social media and marketing

2. Visuals

Includes work on infographics, graphic design, and video animation

3. Translations

Into German, Danish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, or Romanian

4. Research on sentience

Includes work on sentience of vertebrates and different phyla of invertebrates

5. Applied social sciences, antispeciesism and concern for animals in the wild

Research on attitudes concerning wild animal suffering and speciesism

6. Perspectives on global animal activism

Research on how to best approach animal activism in China and other East Asian countries

7. The legal situation of animals

Research about the legal situation of animals in different parts of the world

8. Welfare biology literature research

Compiling biology and veterinary research relevant to the study of wild animal suffering

9. Welfare biology research project drafts

Preparing wild animal suffering research projects drafts

10. Wild animal suffering research project 1

Work on a study to assess the attitudes of scientists and biology students towards wild animals and welfare biology

11. Wild animal suffering research project 2

Work on life history and age-specific mortality and its relation to wild animal suffering

12. Wild animal suffering research project 3

Literature review on correlations between plant and abundance/diversity and insect abundance

13. Wild animal suffering research project 4

Literature review on phenotypic plasticity/standing genetic variation in litter size and parental investment

How to apply

Please submit your resume (without photo) and a short cover letter stating which project(s) you would like to work on to info (a)

About us

Animal Ethics was formed to provide information and promote discussion and debate about issues in animal ethics, and to provide resources for animal advocates.  We are based in the USA, also work in Europe and Latin America, and are planning to expand to other places in the near future. Our materials are distributed in many English-speaking countries.