Donate in crypto to increase your impact – we can help

Donate in crypto to increase your impact – we can help

31 Mar 2022

Our vision is a world where all sentient beings are given moral consideration. If you want to contribute to bringing us closer to this vision, your donation in crypto can help us build our endowment for the future.

Donating in cryptocurrency is easier than ever. You’ll get an immediate receipt and you can give anonymously if you prefer. Anyone already holding cryptocurrency can avoid a taxable event by donating it directly rather than converting it to fiat first. If you’re ready to donate crypto now, you can donate on our donations page.

We realize that not everyone is comfortable working with crypto, and we can help. We’ll walk you through the entire process. It’s a good idea to get started with crypto for donations because there are an increasing number of cryptocurrency donors who will match other donations made in cryptocurrency. Please contact us and we’ll help you get set up!

Here are a few highlights of what your donations make possible. Last year we expanded our outreach activities by giving talks, organizing and attending conferences, seminars, and workshops. We’ve also partnered with other animal organizations and universities to produce new educational programs, including new for-credit university courses in Brazil. In addition, we published a lot of new content, including updating our ethics and animals website section, three reports about challenges in animal advocacy and reports about invertebrate sentience and what life is like for urban animals. You can read more details about these and our other accomplishments from last year in our 2021 annual report.

This year we’ve expanded our outreach even more, including creating short videos for social media and special events and adding a 10th language to our website. Now the majority of people in the world speak at least one of the languages on our website. We’ve published about how to determine the most effective approaches to animal advocacy, and we have work in progress that addresses doing what’s best for the very long term. We have a report coming up about the prospects for vaccinating bison in Yellowstone National Park. We’re also working on a literature review about using thermal imaging to help animals living in the wild. We’re about to release educational materials in Spanish to teach high school students about speciesism and moral consideration. The materials were developed in partnership with a group of teachers at Aula Animal. After the pilot program, the materials will be translated into other languages.

These are just some highlights of the many things we do to spread awareness and educate people about giving moral consideration to nonhuman animals and about the ways we can help them, both now and in the future.

Please consider donating in crypto during this matching campaign. To get started, please contact us any time!