Veganism FAQ

Responses to questions and objections to veganism

13 Jun 2017

What about plants? Animals are killed anyway, so why should I be vegan? These and other objections to veganism can be responded. Read more

Why be vegan?

13 Jun 2017

We can refrain from causing suffering and death to animals. So why not try? Read more

Frequently asked questions about veganism

13 Jun 2017

Learn more about the reasons why many people are now rejecting animal exploitation, as well as tips and answers to frequently asked questions. Read more

Veganism and antispeciesism

13 Jun 2017

Is being vegan the same as being antispeciesist? Rejecting speciesism means opposing all the ways nonhuman animals are discriminated against. Being vegan is very important, […] Read more

Information about going vegan

13 Jun 2017

Veganism is healthy, and easier than you may think. It is usually no more expensive. Read more

Speciesism FAQ

9 Feb 2015

Why should we respect animals? Human beings are capable of experiencing suffering and feeling joy. That is why we can be harmed or benefited by […] Read more