Animal sentience

Invertebrate sentience: A review of the neuroscientific literature

30 Jul 2019

Most of the animals on our planet are invertebrates. The invertebrate label applies to a hugely diverse range of animals, comprising 99% percent of all species. Such diversity in anatomical structures makes evaluating sentience in invertebrates challenging, and the research is crucial due to the enormous number of individuals who may be sentient and experiencing harms. Read more

Introduction to sentience

12 Oct 2017

Sentience is the capacity to have experiences, that is, conscious states. This introduction to sentience explains what this means in more detail. Read more

The problem of consciousness

24 Mar 2014
Close up of caterpillar climbing on branches

How does consciousness emerge? We don’t yet know what causes it to arise. We do have reasons to conclude certain animals are sentient, while others are not. Read more

Consciousness and self-consciousness

15 Feb 2014

Consciousness is being aware. Self-consciousness is being aware of oneself. Being conscious, rather than self-conscious, is the key concept in ethics. Read more

What is sentience

1 Jan 2014

Sentience is the capacity to be affected positively or negatively. It is nearly synonymous with consciousness. Read more