Aiding animals in nature

Providing for the basic needs of animals

15 Aug 2016

One of the main reasons animals die in the wild is lack of food and water. It is perfectly feasible to help many of these animals. Read more

Rescuing trapped and injured animals

29 May 2016

Animals often suffer accidents in the wild. They may become trapped and face painful, lingering deaths. In many cases, it can be easy to rescue them. Read more

Vaccinating and healing sick animals

29 May 2016

Diseases and injuries are another source of misery for animals living in the wild. But we currently know of significant ways to help them. Read more

Caring for orphaned animals

16 May 2016

Animals in the wild sometimes lose parents. In such a situation, it’s often unlikely that they will survive. Humans can assist them, by rescuing them. Read more

Working for a future with fewer harms to wild animals

14 May 2016

Although animal suffering prevails in nature, there are a number of things we can do to reduce the harms that animals undergo in the wild. Read more

Helping animals in fires and natural disasters

27 Jan 2016

Many animals die in natural disasters and fires. Often it would be possible to save many of them if humans chose to. Read more

Helping animals in the wild

28 Aug 2013

Animals face significant harms in the wild. Fortunately, though, there are many ways we can help them, but we need to raise awareness about this. Read more