Animal Ethics talks and outreach events in different countries

Animal Ethics talks and outreach events in different countries

12 Oct 2017
Animal Ethics talks

During the next several weeks Animal Ethics will be giving talks in very different places. For these audiences, it may be the first opportunity to learn about antispeciesism or the harms that animals suffer in the wild.

An Animal Ethics spokesperson in the US will be giving two talks in Colorado. One of them will take place on October 16 in Colorado Springs, and the other one on October 17 in Boulder.

Also, during October and November, we will be having a series talks about animals and ethics and related issues weekly at Madrid University. This is possible due to a partnership with this university.

In addition, an Animal Ethics spokesperson will be speaking about the situation of animals in the wild and the ways to help them at two important events in Germany. One of them will be the Effective Altruism Global event which will take place in Berlin on October 14-15. The second one, at a Munich Effective Altruism event, supported by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, will take place on November 24th-26th.

2017 has been a highly productive year as far as talks and seminars are concerned. So far we have given in total more than 40 talks in several countries. For instance, during the summer Animal Ethics gave 15 talks in Brazil in a tour of events during which we visited many different cities around the country.

We’re already starting to plan our speaking event calendar for next year, and our aim is to speak in locations where we haven’t been present thus far. This includes many states, throughout the US where we haven’t done activism before, and also other countries in Europe and Latin America such as Portugal and Mexico.

In addition, we’ve been actively tabling and leafleting in different places. Several tabling events are planned in San Antonio and Austin, Texas during the Fall 2017. Already scheduled for 2018 are Texas tabling events in Austin, Corpus Christi and Houston. In the US we also have leafleters in states such as California, Colorado, Illinois and Washington. Feel free to contact us if you want to help us too!

Our leaflets in Spanish, German in Portuguese are being distributed in several other countries. If you want to help us leaflet in Europe or Latin America you can also get in touch with us. We have leafleting materials available in different languages and will be very happy to provide you with them or to welcome you in to one of our local activism groups!