Animal Ethics talks in Spain and Latin America

Animal Ethics talks in Spain and Latin America

29 May 2015

Last month we gave several talks in the UK and in Peru, and earlier this month in the US, in Oakland, California. On May 22 we held a conference introducing Animal Ethics in Barcelona, where we’ll soon start doing other activities such as leafleting and tabling. Next month we’ll be giving several talks in Chile and Argentina.

Since the work of Animal Ethics is to spread concern about speciesism, we regularly organize and give talks and seminars about the issue. The events earlier this week were a great opportunity to discuss the moral consideration of nonhuman animals and their plight, whether they are exploited by humans or living in the wild.

In our previous blog post, we discussed the talks in the US, the UK and Peru. The talk in Spain took place at the Pompeu Fabra University and gathered people from the academic world, the general public and animal advocacy circles.animal-ethics-talk-barcelona-2

We’ll keep you posted with the details of our upcoming talks in Latin America. Remember that for faster updates you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.