Apply by May 1 for a paid summer fundraising position with Animal Ethics

21 Apr 2022

If you’re interested in doing fundraising work, now is the perfect time to work with Animal Ethics! Thanks to Animal Advocacy Careers, we are able to offer paid three month positions this summer.

AAC’s global Fundraising Work Placement program is for individuals who want to gain experience fundraising for an effective animal advocacy organization. We’re thrilled to be one of the charities they have chosen to work with.

We are looking to fill two positions, and people at any stage of their career are welcome. The work is remote and it can be a part-time or full-time position. If it’s part time, there is the possibility of extending it to six months. We have openings for someone who is established in their career and is looking to make the switch to working for an effective altruism organization, or for someone who is just starting out and can’t afford to take an unpaid position in order to gain experience.

In addition to funding the positions, Animal Advocacy Careers offers training and opportunities to meet other fundraisers and animal advocates.

You can apply directly through the AAC application page.

The application deadline is May 1.

If you’d like to talk to us about the position first, please contact us!