AMA on International Animal Rights Day on December 10

AMA on International Animal Rights Day on December 10

2 Dec 2021

December 10 is International Animal Rights Day, and we will be posting an AMA on the Animal Ethics YouTube channel. At the same time we’ll give you an update on our latest work. We’ll be answering your questions about speciesism, animal ethics, wild animal suffering or any other topic related to the defense of animals. We would especially like to answer your questions about the contents of our website.

Please fill out the form now to ask questions for the AMA on December 10! Please leave only questions and not comments for this AMA. Questions should be one or two lines long and end in a question mark. We welcome your comments in the comments section of the video.

We cannot guarantee that all your questions will be answered in the talk. It will depend on the number of questions we receive and their relevance, but we will do our best.

We look forward to your questions and we hope you’ll enjoy the AMA!