Academic work on wild animal suffering edited by Animal Ethics activists

23 Dec 2015

A special double volume of the academic journal Relations: Beyond Anthropocentrism about the problem of wild animal suffering and helping animals in nature was edited by Animal Ethics activists and published recently. 18 new pieces on this topic have been published thanks to this, significantly increasing the literature recently written on this topic. We expect that this will encourage others to write more about it.

This special volume includes two different issues, one that was published in May and another one published only a few weeks ago. All the articles can be viewed online and downloaded for free here:

, vol. 3 (1): “Wild Animal Suffering and Intervention in Nature”: Part I

, vol. 3 (2): “Wild Animal Suffering and Intervention in Nature”: Part II

Both issues were edited by Animal Ethics activists Catia Faria and Eze Paez. They also include papers by three other Animal Ethics members, including an article explaining what Animal Ethics is, what we fight for and the kind of work we do.

It’s also worth mentioning that this represents work from all over the world. Together, the two issues of the journal include work by researchers and interviews with well-known academics from different countries and continents, including the US, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Turkey and Singapore.

relations-cover-wild-animal-suffering-2The journal Relations: Beyond Anthropocentrism regularly publishes articles dealing with the ethics of our attitudes and behaviors toward nonhuman animals. Its readers are people working in academia and interested members of the general public.

We hope that this new work will increase the interest in the situation of animals in the wild and on the ways we can help them, so new people will be encouraged to work on these topics as well!