We have completed the publication of our online course on wild animal suffering

16 Sep 2020

We recently completed the publication of the third and last module of our online course on wild animal suffering, which contains 8 new videos focused on how scientific research on the situation of animals in the wild and how to help them can be carried out.

The whole course is now available to be watched here:

Introduction to wild animal suffering video course

The whole course is also available as a playlist on YouTube. In total, the course contains 28 videos, including to the general introduction to the course, the summary of the course, and 26 units.

For each unit there is a page in the course site containing:

 · the video of the unit

 · the audio version of the video

 · links to other webpages that are relevant to the content of the unit

 · an expanded version of the script of the video, including also notes with the references for its content

In this way, each unit provides different ways to learn the contents of the video course, and to do further research beyond the content of the videos.

The units are classified in three different modules, which cover, respectively, course covers the situation of animals in the wild and the harms they suffer, the  ways of providing them help, and how the study of these topics can be promoted and carried out in academia.

Subtitles for the videos are also available in English and Portuguese, and they will be soon available in French. In addition, we will soon publish the Spanish version of the course.

You can also read the contents of the whole video course in the complete companion guide to the course, with the extended explanations and references.

The last videos of the course now published, which are included in the third module of the course, are the following ones:


Unit 19

The concepts of welfare, animal welfare, and wild animal welfare

Unit 20

What is welfare biology?

Unit 21

Reasons for promoting academic work in welfare biology

Unit 22

Promising areas for welfare biology research

Unit 23

Welfare biology and other cross-disciplinary fields

Unit 24

Responses to criticisms to the ethics of helping animals

Unit 25

Practical objections against helping wild animals

Unit 26

Wild animal suffering and the importance of the future


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The video course was possible thanks to Animal Charity Evaluators, who supported it through its Effective Animal Advocacy Fund. There is a lot more that we can do for this cause but are unable to due to lack of resources. Please consider supporting our work so we can continue to do more work like this.