The second module of our video course about wild animal suffering is now available

The second module of our video course about wild animal suffering is now available

8 Aug 2020

We are happy to announce that we’ve now published the entire second module of our course on wild animal suffering.

This new module covers the moral consideration of animals. In it we explain the different arguments that have been presented about whether nonhuman animals are morally considerable, such as the arguments from relevance, impartiality, and species overlap. We describe what speciesism and anthropocentrism are and present the case for the moral importance of sentience. We also examine what different ethical theories have to say about this matter. Finally, we explain in detail what sentience is, and explore the problem of which animals are sentient, paying special attention to invertebrates.

The module will be compelling for anyone interested in ethics and animals, as it provides an accessible introduction to the topic. The different units summarize many of the important debates in the field that have taken place in the last few decades, as well as a large amount of scientific evidence about animals’ capacities to feel and suffer. The module can be watched independently of the rest of the wild animal suffering course.

This module has 7 new videos, which can be seen here:


Introduction to wild animal suffering: video course (2nd module)


Unit 12
Speciesism, moral consideration and anthropocentrism
Unit 13
Arguments against speciesism I
Unit 14
Arguments against speciesism II
Unit 15
Ethical theories and nonhuman animals
Unit 16
Animal Ethics and environmentalist ethics
Unit 17
What is sentience?
Unit 18
Invertebrate sentience



The whole course is also available as another playlist. The course covers the situation of animals in the wild and the harms they suffer, the  ways of providing them help, and how the study of these topics can be promoted and carried out in academia.

If you would like to read the contents of the whole video course, with some extended explanations as well as all the references, you can read the complete companion guide to the course.

Subtitles for the videos are available in English and Portuguese, and a Spanish version of the course will be published soon. In addition, each video of the course has its own page on our site, which also has the audio version of it, links to related material, and an extended version of the content of the video in text.

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The video course has been possible thanks to Animal Charity Evaluators, who funded this work through its Effective Animal Advocacy Fund.

Wild animal suffering is a very important yet neglected topic, and Animal Ethics is one of the few sources of information on it. We are also one of the few organizations advocating on behalf of wild animals. Due to this, your support for us can be critical in making progress in raising concern about wild animal suffering. In addition, the question of the moral consideration of animals is often disregarded. If you want to help us, so we can continue publishing content such as this, please consider supporting our work.