A new set of texts with answers to some frequently asked questions about veganism

13 Jun 2017
Veganism FAQ

We have published a new set of texts with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about veganism. We hope this will be useful to address some common doubts people have about why and how to become vegan.

This new collection of articles examines, among many other questions, whether it is healthy or expensive to be vegan, whether we should be vegan when not everyone in the world is, or whether or not veganism and antispeciesism are the same thing. The texts, each of which include several questions and answers, address the following topics:

Why be vegan?

Examines what responses can be given to doubts concerning the reasons to become vegan.

Responses to questions and objections to veganism

Examines several objections that are sometimes presented to veganism and the ways they may be rejected.

Information about going vegan

Answers many doubts people have concerning how to live vegan.

Veganism and antispeciesism

Explains questions regarding the relation between opposing speciesism and veganism, and why there are also other things we can do to help animals in addition to going vegan.

Finally, this Frequently Asked Questions collection of texts also links to this previously published page:

Speciesism FAQ

We will soon be publishing a whole new section on our website with much more extensive information about veganism, of which this text will be a part. We will keep you posted!