New pages with answers to some frequently asked questions about veganism

13 Jun 2017
Veganism FAQ

This section has answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about veganism.

These pages examine, among many other questions, whether it is healthy or inexpensive to be vegan, why we would want to be vegan when most of the world is not, and the difference between veganism and antispeciesism. They address the following topics:

Why be vegan?

Responses to questions about the reasons to become vegan.

Responses to questions and objections to veganism

Objections to veganism and the counterarguments.

Information about going vegan

Answers many questions about how to live vegan.

Veganism and antispeciesism

Explains the relationship between veganism and opposing speciesism, and things we can do to help animals in addition to going vegan.

Speciesism FAQ

Explains what speciesism is and the various forms it takes.