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Why animal suffering in nature matters


Humans are not the only beings that can feel suffering and welfare. The section on animal sentience explains this in detail. Most of us may accept that nonhuman animals experience suffering, yet it may be easy to think they suffer less than they really do. Nonhuman animals living in nature have lives that are far from idyllic, and most of them have to deal with the reality of... Read more


One of the main reasons the majority of nonhuman animals may experience more suffering than wellbeing in nature has to do with the fact that many more animals are born than can survive. This has not merely happened to be the case by chance. There are reasons for high mortality rates that are deeply rooted in the very way evolutionary processes occur. Ecology and natural history... Read more


Population dynamics is the name for the discipline that studies how populations of living beings vary through time. Why is this relevant when assessing how nonhuman animals fare in nature? It’s because death is often, if not in most cases, linked to terrible experiences (such as fear or anxiety) and is often very painful. Population dynamics can tell us how many animals on... Read more

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