The situation of animals in the wild

20 Oct 2016

Many people today have a romanticized view of the situation of animals in the wild and of what it is for animals to live in the wild. The truth is very different. Read more

Psychological stress in wild animals

7 Oct 2016

Some might believe that wild animals do not suffer from stress. However, this is untrue. Fear of predation is a major cause of stress in the wild. Read more

Animals in natural disasters

6 Sep 2016

Many animals are exploited as workers. They endure many hardships during their lives, and are killed when they are no longer considered useful or profitable. Read more

Antagonism in nature: Interspecific conflict

28 Oct 2015

Ecosystemic relations in which an organism harms another for his or her own benefit are antagonistic relationships. They cause significant suffering and death. Read more

Weather conditions and nonhuman animals

28 Oct 2015

It’s only necessary for a handful of animals to survive and reproduce in the harshest weather conditions, even if the rest of the population suffer and die. Read more

Malnutrition, hunger and thirst in wild animals

28 Oct 2015

Malnutrition and thirst in wild animals are major contributions to high mortality rates in the wild. Read more

Diseases in nature

28 Oct 2015

There are many different diseases in nature which affect nonhuman animals, and the harm they cause is just as diverse. Read more

Physical injuries in wild animals

28 Oct 2015

This text is part of a series examining the conditions of animals living in the wild. For more texts examining the ways animals in the […] Read more