The interests animals have

Animal interests bibliography

2 Aug 2018

Interest in not suffering Dawkins, M. S. (1980) Animal suffering: The science of animal welfare, London: Chapman and Hall. DeGrazia, D. & Rowan, A. (1991) […] Read more

Animal interests

10 Nov 2014

The term “interest” is used to describe what is beneficial for someone. When it comes to respecting animals, it is important to consider their interests. Read more

Interest in not suffering

13 Apr 2014

Animals have an interest in not suffering. All sentient beings have an interest in avoiding negative experiences and increasing positive experiences. Read more

Interest in living

27 Mar 2014

Any being who can have positive experiences is harmed by death. Animals have an interest in living so they can continue having positive experiences. Read more

The weight of animal interests

25 Mar 2014

We can only dismiss the interests of nonhuman animals if we assume a blatantly speciesist view that only humans matter. Read more