Animals used by humans

Exploitation of cows, calves and steers

29 Mar 2016

Cows and their sons, calves and steers, are exploited for several purposes. Cows are kept for their milk, and their sons are bred to produce meat. Read more

Companies that test on animals

29 Mar 2016

Here is a list of companies that test on animals. Read more

Dogs, cats and other animals kept as “pets” or companions

29 Mar 2016

Nonhuman animals (including pets) are considered property, and property owners have rights to control and use their property with few restrictions. Read more

Diseases suffered by animals living on land farms

29 Mar 2016

There are many diseases suffered by animals living on land farms, which have resulted in the mass slaughter and deaths of animals. Read more

Diseases suffered in fish farms

29 Mar 2016
Closeup of a small fish's head held between human fingers, showing a diseased mouth.

It is common to be unaware of the plight of animals in fish farms. A significant cause of the harms that can occur are the many diseases they can suffer. Read more

Companies that do not test on animals

29 Mar 2016

(re)FRESH Dry Shampoo (Robanda International) 100% Pure 2 Beauty Ex., Inc. 2nd Love Cosmetics 4mula V A Different Daisy V A Perfume Organic V A […] Read more

Circuses and other shows

29 Mar 2016

Animals suffer in circuses and other shows. They often live in conditions similar to factory farms, and are subjected to pain and fear so they will perform. Read more

Animals used as workers

29 Mar 2016

Many animals are exploited as workers. They endure much hardships during their lives, and are killed when no longer useful or profitable. Read more

Bullfighting and other entertainment using bulls

29 Mar 2016

Bulllfighting should be opposed for the same reasons we oppose any practice that harms animals. Read more

Chickens and hens

29 Mar 2016

The lives of chickens and hens are short and full of suffering, those that are raised for their flesh and for their eggs. Male chicks on egg farms are usually ground up alive, suffocated, or drowned since only egg-bearing hens have economic value. Read more

Animals used for food

29 Mar 2016

The type of animal exploitation that directly harms the most animals is their use for food. Read more

Animal branding

29 Mar 2016
Man leans over the backside of a calf with a branding tool, making a T shaped brand on the calf's back.

Animal branding is a property stamp marking the stockbreeder as owner of the animal. They’re expressing the animals’ legal condition as objects. Read more

Animals captured for their fur

29 Mar 2016

Apart from being kept in captivity in factory farms, millions of wild animals captured for their fur are also exploited and killed. Read more

Animals as workers and tools

29 Mar 2016

Animals around the world are used as workers and mere tools. They live difficult lives, and are often killed when no longer useful. Read more

Animal experimentation for environmentalist purposes

29 Mar 2016

Many animals are killed for environmental research in the name of conservation and environmental safety. Read more

Animals used for entertainment

15 Feb 2014

Nonhuman animals are exploited and killed for entertainment. The most significant way is in the form of hunting and sport fishing. Read more

Animals used for clothing

15 Feb 2014

Many animals are exploited and killed for clothing. Animals are harmed to produce leather, fur, wool, feathers, and silk. Read more

Animal experimentation

29 Oct 2013

Animal experimentation is carried out for the benefit of humans. Many accept experimentation on animals but not on humans for speciesist reasons. Read more

Research methods that do not involve the use of nonhuman animals

28 Aug 2013

Here are databases of research methods that do not use animals. Read more


27 Aug 2013

An antispeciesist view should criticize the production of leather out of moral concern for animals, rather than concerns about the pollution it causes. Read more