Exploitation of bees by humans

10 Aug 2016

Huge numbers of bees suffer in a variety of ways from their exploitation by humans to make honey and other products. Read more

Animals kept as companions or for leisure

29 Mar 2016

Many animals are bred and bought because people like to spend part of their free time with them. These are sold as “companion animals.” Read more

The journey to the slaughterhouse

29 Mar 2016
Close-up of pig looking through window like opening of truck with mud or fecal matter on her snout and face.

The journey to the slaughterhouse is a stressful process that leads to the death of the animals adding more suffering to it. Read more

The slaughter of animals used for food

29 Mar 2016

Many animals are exploited and killed for consumption. They are bred on factory farms where they suffer from terrible conditions and die painfully. Read more

Pig farms

29 Mar 2016

To produce large quantities of meat, farms raise pigs as quickly as possible while occupying the least space. The pigs lead horrible lives. Read more

Sheeps and goats

29 Mar 2016

Sheep and goats are killed so they can be eaten, they are kept for their wool and milk, and their skin is also used to produce leather. Read more


29 Mar 2016

Many fishes and other aquatic animals are caught for fishing. These animals have the capacity to suffer and are deprived of their lives when killed. Read more

Fishes and birds kept for leisure

29 Mar 2016

Nonhuman animals (including pets) are considered property, and property owners have rights to control and use their property with few restrictions. Read more

Exploitation of cows, calves and steers

29 Mar 2016

Cows and their sons, calves and steers, are exploited for several purposes. Cows are kept for their milk, and their sons are bred to produce meat. Read more

Fish farming

29 Mar 2016
Dozens of fishes held in a small pool on a fish farm

Many fish are bred for consumption on factory farms. On the farms they endure pain from diseases and harsh conditions that don’t consider their well being. Read more

Diseases suffered by animals living on land farms

29 Mar 2016

There are many diseases suffered by animals living on land farms, which have resulted in the mass slaughter and deaths of animals. Read more

Diseases suffered in fish farms

29 Mar 2016
Closeup of a small fish's head held between human fingers, showing a diseased mouth.

It is common to be unaware of the plight of animals in fish farms. A significant cause of the harms that can occur are the many diseases they can suffer. Read more

Circuses and other shows

29 Mar 2016

Animals suffer in circuses and other shows. They often live in conditions similar to factory farms, and are subjected to pain and fear so they will perform. Read more

Bullfighting and other entertainment using bulls

29 Mar 2016

Bulllfighting should be opposed for the same reasons we oppose any practice that harms animals. Read more

Animals used for food

29 Mar 2016

The type of animal exploitation that directly harms the most animals is their use for food. Read more

Chickens and hens

29 Mar 2016

The lives of chickens and hens are short and full of suffering, those that are raised for their flesh and for their eggs. Male chicks on egg farms are usually ground up alive, suffocated, or drowned since only egg-bearing hens have economic value. Read more

Animal branding

29 Mar 2016
Man leans over the backside of a calf with a branding tool, making a T shaped brand on the calf's back.

Animal branding is a property stamp marking the stockbreeder as owner of the animal. They’re expressing the animals’ legal condition as objects. Read more

Animals as workers and tools

29 Mar 2016

Animals around the world are used as workers and mere tools. They live difficult lives, and are often killed when no longer useful. Read more