Animal experimentation

17 Apr 2016

Environmental research Cosmetic and household products testing Military experimentation Biomedical experimentation Experimentation with new materials Animals used in primary and secondary education Animals used in higher education […] Read more

The use of animals in primary and secondary education

29 Mar 2016

The use of animals in primary and secondary education is common and very harmful to animals. The majority of animals are used for dissections. Read more

The use of animals in universities

29 Mar 2016

Many animals are harmed for education. Through practices that are harmful to animals, students are not taught to have a caring attitude towards animals. Read more

Military research on animals

29 Mar 2016

The extent to which military research is done on nonhuman animals is not known since it is very difficult to obtain information on this topic. Read more

Experimentation of cosmetics and household products

29 Mar 2016

Every year thousands of cosmetic and household products come on the market. The suffering and death of animals used to test these products is constant. Read more

Experiments with new materials on animals

29 Mar 2016
Black rat used in an experiment

The usual forms of biocompatibility tests are in vitro testing, in vivo testing, and in-use or clinical tests. These practices harm and kill many animals. Read more

Companies that test on animals

29 Mar 2016

Here is a list of companies that test on animals. Read more

Biomedical experimentation on animals

29 Mar 2016

Many nonhuman animals suffer and killed for biomedical research for several purposes. It’s assumed they can be used as resources if it benefits humans. Read more

Companies that do not test on animals

29 Mar 2016

(re)FRESH Dry Shampoo (Robanda International) 100% Pure 2 Beauty Ex., Inc. 2nd Love Cosmetics 4mula V A Different Daisy V A Perfume Organic V A […] Read more

Animal experimentation for environmentalist purposes

29 Mar 2016

Many animals are killed for environmental research in the name of conservation and environmental safety. Read more

Animal experimentation

29 Oct 2013

Animal experimentation is carried out for the benefit of humans. Many accept experimentation on animals but not on humans for speciesist reasons. Read more

Research methods that do not involve the use of nonhuman animals

28 Aug 2013

Here are databases of research methods that do not use animals. Read more