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Animals as workers and tools


In many places around the world nonhuman animals are used as workers. These animals often lead lives full of suffering and hardship, and they are killed when they are no longer useful. They are being used as resources. They are investments from which profit or value is expected to be obtained. The animals are often not taken care of any more than is necessary in order to exploit... Read more


One of the ways nonhuman animals are exploited is to be used as workers. Many animals are forced to do physical labor. They are used as a means of transport, to pull plows, carry goods, and to power mills. Others are used as police dogs, or guide dogs. Some people may think that animals enjoy carrying out these tasks, and that they benefit from being used in these ways. But this... Read more

Military trained dolphin

Armies cause death and suffering to a large number of animals throughout the world. This happens in wars and armed clashes, but it also occurs in times of peace. In some cases, animals are harmed because they are used as military resources. In others, animals are harmed with the weapons used during conflict. This occurs in several different ways.   Animals as victims of... Read more

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