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The interests animals have

The term “interest” is used to describe what is beneficial for someone. That is, in other words, what promotes what is good for anyone whose life can go well or ill. We say “that’s in the interest of someone” when something is positive for someone. When we think about how to act, as we do when we engage in moral thinking, we consider the interests of others that we should... Read more


There are many nonhuman animals who can feel pleasure and pain. This is because, like humans, they are able to have experiences. Many experiences are neutral, that is, they are not positive or negative, as when we see something we don’t particularly like or dislike. However, there are other experiences that are not neutral, but rather are positive or negative. They can differ... Read more

Close up of baby blue turtle on the sand

Why nonhuman animals have an interest in life It is sometimes claimed that although sentient nonhuman animals have an interest in not suffering, they do not have an interest in living. But the fact is that many nonhuman animals can have positive and negative experiences. The positive experiences nonhuman animals can have can be of different sorts. In some cases they are simple... Read more


All beings who can have positive and negative experiences have an interest in being positively affected and in not being negatively affected. In other words, they have an interest in having their wellbeing maximized and their suffering minimized. Sentient animals, therefore, have an interest in not suffering and in being able to enjoy their lives. Being able to enjoy their lives... Read more

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