Defenses of speciesism

29 Jun 2017

This text examines and questions the view s of those theorists have argued in defense of speciesism. Read more

Moral intuitions and biases

13 Mar 2017

The appeal to intuitions shouldn’t lead us to accept speciesism or other questionable moral views. Read more

Speciesism FAQ

9 Feb 2015

Why should we respect animals? Human beings are capable of experiencing suffering and feeling joy. That is why we can be harmed or benefited by […] Read more

The argument from relevance

11 Apr 2014

There are people who argue that in order to be fully respected one must belong to the human species. In addition, those who reject the […] Read more

The argument from impartiality

25 Mar 2014
Dozens of chickens stacked on top of each other in small cages

The argument from impartiality states that speciesism is incompatible with fairness. It can be presented against any kind of position that maintains that it’s justified […] Read more

The argument from species overlap

25 Mar 2014
Black horse walks in field with her child

As the section on arguments against speciesism shows, there are different ways disregard for nonhuman animals has been defended. One way is by claiming that […] Read more

Arguments against speciesism

25 Mar 2014

The question of whether or not we should favor the interests of humans over those of nonhuman animals is at the core of animal ethics. […] Read more

Begging the question

18 Mar 2014

It is often argued that in order to deserve respect from other humans, one must be a member of the human species.1 In other cases, […] Read more


7 Jan 2014
Sheep looks through the bars of cage

When we give someone moral consideration it simply means we take into account how they will be affected by our actions and omissions, by our attitudes and decisions. Moral consideration need not apply only to sentient (conscious) creatures. Some people give moral consideration to things such as ecosystems or species, though generally moral consideration is only given to conscious beings. We can, and do, give greater or lesser moral consideration to some beings than others. Speciesism is giving different sentient beings differing moral consideration for unjust reasons. Read more