Animal Ethics’s 2018 strategic plan

16 Feb 2018

Our strategic plan for 2018 explains our general goals for this year and our strategic shift to promote concern for wild animals among scientists. Read more

An important thought bias: availability heuristic

31 Jan 2018

There’s a widespread tendency to attribute more importance to certain issues than to others just because of how easy it is to remember instances of […] Read more

Animal Ethics website is now available in Chinese too

4 Jan 2018

Our website is now available in eight languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Polish, Italian, and now Chinese. Read more

A year in retrospect: Animal Ethics activism in 2017

31 Dec 2017

In 2017 Animal Ethics has developed its work further than we had done before, reaching new places and people, and anticipating great advances for next year. Read more

2nd Animal Ethics Essay Prize Announcement

27 Dec 2017

The Animal Ethics Essay Prize on Animal Suffering in the Wild has been awarded to the essay “Life-fates: meaningful categories to estimate animal suffering in the wild”.. Read more

Animal Ethics website now available in Polish

8 Dec 2017

With this addition, our website is available in seven languages to date. Read more

Your donation to Animal Ethics will be twice as valuable

28 Nov 2017

Each dollar you donate to Animal Ethics will be matched dollar for dollar. This means you can now help us to be twice as effective! Read more

Volunteer doing research with Animal Ethics

17 Nov 2017

Carrying out research is a crucial task for Animal Ethics. We work to make information available to activists, academics and the general public that may […] Read more

A new article about motivated reasoning and confirmation bias, and their consequence to animal activism

31 Oct 2017

We have just published a new text that examines how our judgement can be distorted by our preferences and our wish for reality to match our previous beliefs. Read more

Animal Ethics talks and outreach events in different countries

12 Oct 2017

During the next several weeks Animal Ethics will be giving talks in several countries. We’ve also been actively tabling and leafleting in different places. Read more

Animal Ethics new website design

29 Sep 2017

At Animal Ethics we’re very happy to introduce the new design of our website, which aims to be more user friendly. Read more

Introducing Animal Ethics research help

27 Aug 2017

Carrying out more research regarding the situation of animals is very important to make a difference for sentient animals. Read more

Animal Ethics has a new website section about veganism

4 Aug 2017

This new section includes information explaining the reasons for rejecting the use of animals along with easy ways of doing so. Read more

30 years since the publication of Morals, reason and animals

25 Jul 2017

It’s 30 years since the publication of the classic by Steve F. Sapontzis, that examined the question of aiding animals in the wild. Read more

Five years of the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness

7 Jul 2017

In July 7, 2012, a group of scientists signed the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in light of the consensus about the issue. Read more

Views supporting speciesism

29 Jun 2017

If we want to challenge speciesism it is important to know how its defenders argue. Read more

A new set of texts with answers to some frequently asked questions about veganism

13 Jun 2017

A new set of texts by Animal Ethics with answers to frequently asked questions about veganism. Read more

2nd Animal Ethics Essay Prize: Reminder!

30 May 2017

. This is a reminder of the 2nd Animal Ethics Essay Prize which will be awarded this year. Submissions are welcome on the topic of […] Read more

A new article about a common bias affecting animal activism: Scope insensitivity

20 May 2017

This text starts a new series of articles addressing different cognitive biases which often render our activism less effective. Read more

We don’t need to kill some animals to feed others

25 Apr 2017

It’s perfectly possible for animals such as dogs and cats to live healthy and happy on vegan diets. Read more